January 19, 2013 – Course Rewind Fun Event

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    Jeff Roberts

    We wrapped up our 2012 season in November which makes for a long wait until April’s first regular season event. To help you deal with your GGC Autocross withdrawal symptoms, this year we’re trying something new by holding our first ever Course Rewind event at Marina Airport. This is a fun-run style event where we bring back a favorite course from the 2012 season and run it again! This is a non-compete event, but we will have the timing system running and figure out a fair way to man the course to maximize your driving time. We expect drivers will get 12-15 runs (at a minimum) during this event.

    [url=http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.advert/uidEvent/B8DE0760-9C19-91E6-0266FF8EED6F4072]Registration is OPEN[/url] and will run until Noon on Wednesday 1/16/13.

    You’ll decide which course we drive by voting for your favorite during registration.

    Current Voting Results as of 01/06/12
    April: 4
    May: 0
    June: 8
    August: 1
    September: 6
    [b]October: 15[/b]
    TDS-Morning: 3

    Which was your favorite? Choose from these seven courses…

    April 2012

    May 2012

    June 2012

    August 2012

    September 2012

    October 2012

    November 2012 – TDS Morning


    I’m gonna suggest October’s course, since some of us only got a few runs on that layout.

    Jeff Roberts

    That will probably be my choice too… same reason, plus it was really fun!


    Yep, October course was a blast. would love to do that one again.

    Mark Mervich

    Oct course would be fine with me, too.
    UFO event on Jan 20th has been cancelled. Are we ok to go?

    Matthew Visser

    I am registered. The 135 will not be ready in time (new rear springs are on back order until end of Jan). But I will be there with the Golf R. This is the one time I hope for rain. 😉

    Jeff Roberts

    Mark –
    I saw the post about UFO’s January events. So far, I have not received any such e-mail from Marina, so we’re moving forward until I hear otherwise.

    Matt –
    Please, no rain dancing!

    Mark Mervich

    On with the show. The Marina problem is solved. And for sure, No Rain!

    Jeff Roberts

    News travels fast! I just returned from the City Council meeting this evening and it went very smoothly. An extension to last year’s use permit was granted until they can work thru the process to approve this year’s permit request.

    There is excellent support by the City Council for the activities that take place at the airport. We, the clubs in attendance, just sat back and listened to them do their thing and approve the extension. After it passed unanimously, several of us approached the podium to express our gratitude and thanks. The cub scouts were there, several autocross clubs, and some of the charities that Marina Motorsports, Inc. supports with revenues from the fees we pay.

    I also requested a warm, sunny day.

    We’re good to go for our 1/19 event! Sign up and come join us!

    Rob Powers


    I sent an email to the city council earlier today, and I got a nice, personal reply from Mayor Delgado. Very nice to hear that there was unanimous support to keep MMS in operation.

    I second the warm, sunny request. Can’t wait for the 19th!

    Jeff Roberts

    He mentioned he received 69 e-mails and sent a personal response to each of them. Mine came thru as I was driving down to the meeting. He’s very impressive and I’m going to invite him to join us some time.

    The room was full of positive energy. I’m very glad I made the trip down.

    Tony Holland

    I will take rain over ice any day of the week :silly:

    Charlie Davis

    I vote for October. Fun course, and I didn’t get enough runs on it!

    Jeff Roberts

    I added the voting results to the first post in the thread and will update periodically.

    Timothy Woo

    I voted for TDS because I wanted to see just how much faster the e46 is over my heavy high horsepower car. (Barring any rain and if it gets chosen, of course.)

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