Welcome to the GGC Autocross Program

The Golden Gate Chapter Autocross program is excited to have a schedule together for 2022. We hope you’ll all be able to join us for some tire shredding fun!

GGC autocrosses offer a friendly competitive environment where a cone track is setup in a large parking lot or airfield. Cars are assigned classes based on a points system (considering weight, torque, modifications, and several other factors), and drivers compete against other drivers with cars of similar performance within their class. Cars race against the clock, not side-by-side.

Our format for the 2022 season will consist of five independent competition events where we award class winners for each, rather than a series with a year-end shootout as in the past. To do this, we require everyone to classify your car in the GGC Classification System. This is where you’ll get your unique driver number and determine the points and class your car will compete in for the season. We do not use PAX like other programs. We are a BMW/MINI club and that’s what we know, so only those brands of cars may compete for trophies. We are inclusive so we also have a non-compete (N) and non-BMW/MINI class (X).

We do not require previous high performance driver training or experience, but attending one of our Car Control Clinics or similar training is highly recommended. In the pre-COVID world, we had an exceptional program of instruction for first-timers and inexperienced autocrossers. In-car coaching is no longer the norm, but we are able to provide observational guidance to help you improve your skills. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the fun!

Snell 2015 (or newer) certified helmet (M, SA or EA) is required to drive or ride at our events. Loaners are not available. Snell 2010 and DOT helmets will not be accepted.

Register at Motorsportreg.com