September 14, 2013 – AX #6 Course Design

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    Jeff Roberts

    Here it is! We will have a limited number of print-outs available during check-in, but if you want to be certain to have one for yourself, please print and bring with you.

    [url=]Click here for full resolution version[/url].

    [img size=640][/img]

    [b]RUN GROUP ORDER[/b] (Rotates down each event)
    Run group 1: (A & AA): This group will DRIVE FIRST and WORK SECOND

    Run group 2 (AAA & C): This group will DRIVE SECOND and WORK THIRD

    Run group 3: (B & Gonzo): This group will DRIVE THIRD and WORK FIRST

    NOTE: Non BMW/MINI/Non-Compete and unclassified drivers are assigned to random groups based on driver/worker count. You will find out which group you are in during registration. Can you switch run groups? No, it ruins the work assignments for everyone else.


    that start is going to be sweet :cheer:

    Jeff Cowan

    Ooo! Looks fun.

    Jack Yu

    Option slalom…sweet!

    Mark Mervich

    Looks pretty fast to me :cheer:

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Mark, every course is fast for you and your car! 😛

    James Keane

    Aw, gonna miss this one and it looks like a fun, fast course. Wife is traveling and I’m home alone with the two kids. Surely, Recaro child-seats must be auto-x certified? 👿

    Mark Mervich

    [quote=”ddunwood” post=1911]Mark, every course is fast for you and your car! :P[/quote]
    Well, yes, Dave. I was just looking at all the sweepers and salivating. 😛

    Michael Martin

    So um…. drag start?

    This whole course looks pretty fast. Looking forward to it!

    Dave Dunwoodie

    OK, I’m ready! :silly:

    [attachment]Many GoPros.jpg[/attachment]


    Trying to add an image, I give up… :angry:

    Rob Powers

    The drag start should be fun on my recently replaced clutch…

    John Kim

    Hey could use some setup/tuning advice. I put a fat Hotchkis front bar on my car using its softest setting and ran it at Laguna Seca. I felt it improved turn-in but am wondering if the middle setting would be even better. Or would it overwhelm the front tires and cause understeer?

    Hotchkis 30.2mm hollow bar supposed to be about as stiff as a 28mm solid bar, so just slightly stiffer than the popular 27mm sold front bars. Any advice on whether it should be on sold or medium?

    Tires are Continental ExtremeDW in 245/40/17. Do stickier tires normally rate a stiffer swaybar setting, while stiffer springs mean one should use a software swaybar setting?

    John Kim

    Hey I was only 4.7 seconds behind Dave Dunwoodie this time–an improvement! 3.2 seconds behind JeffC and Jack Yu, 2.6 secs behind Rodger, 1.1 behind JeffR. I think this is the first time I was ever faster than Jared or Eric, but Eric was driving a different car and having an off day. But every non-BMW was faster than me, except the Ford Focus.

    Someday soon I will get real AutoX tires and remember to look ahead, then I’ll only be 4.2 seconds behind Dunwoodie and 2.7 seconds behind Cowan and Yu. And the Ford Focus will never catch me! At least that’s the plan.

    My 2nd run, 4th fastest time (46.004), carrying 2 passengers.

    My 3rd fun run, on the old Bridgetone rear tires, with lots of oversteer. (As Ryan announces at the end, I destroyed the course.)

    Jeff Cowan

    Well done! I was definitely struggling around this course. I called it my nemesis. But I applaud Dave Sparks for finding a completely new kind of course layout with new challenges. Having run at Marina for 10 years or more I thought I had experienced all there was to offer. That is what makes autocross so fun and interesting.

    Looking forward to next month!

    John Kim

    Yes, Next month if Dave designs a course with more tight turns, it will be my nemesis and I will once again be 7 seconds behind Dunwoodie, 4 seconds behind Jeff, Jeff and Jack, 2 seconds behind Eric and Jared, and the Focus will beat me.

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