Re: January 19, 2013 – Course Rewind Fun Event

Jeff Roberts

[quote=”des” post=1005]Looks like I’m too late. What’s the cap on the event entries?[/quote]

You’re in. After talking with the team, we decided we can safely handle 60 and still have a good chance at 12 runs each for this event, so I moved 10 folks from the waitlist this morning. If others are interested you should still sign up in case we get cancellations next Wednesday.

For our regular season competition events that start on April 20th, we cap at 100.

We’ll be driving the October course. We’ll have three run groups of 20 cars each. Since this is not a competition, we won’t need as many workers and won’t have to worry about the timing system accuracy and all that – so I expect we will get thru the rotations quickly. And, if everyone is there early and we get the course setup fast, perhaps we can even start driving before 10am too!

And yes, the weather outlook is pretty darn awesome for January!