Reply To: Feb2015 – Photos & Video

John Kim

This is my best official run of 49.849 tires, with Eric Lam riding coach. I know that’s not very fast for the chassis. Ryan was able to do about 46.8 in my car during fun runs, and if I had a balanced tire setup I think he could have gotten down to at least a 44, maybe 43. I thought I saw the really good E36 drivers getting down to 42 seconds and Pranil in his S2000 down to 41?

For classification, With 4 all-season tires I’d be in A. With 4 summer tires I’m in AA. Given my mix of 2 summer and 2 (dry, old) all-season tires and how loose the rear was, I think A was a fair place to class the car for this event!