Feb2015 – Photos & Video

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    Brad Vaughan

    This is my fastest of 43.157 (AA) in the warm sunshine 🙂

    Maybe a couple of tenths left on course but not much more. Definitely not nearly enough to catch Michael K.

    Markus Lewtschuk

    Nice work!

    Michael Kolesar

    My fastest run 2nd run group. 42.393 AA.

    Bill Richter

    Man! You guys really hammered that course after lunch! :-O

    Nigel Mott

    I watched Micheal’s run. He really had his spurs into that E30…! As Eric said over the PA: ‘He’s making y’all look bad..!’ Very nice drive. Another tough season in AA…

    Noah Killeen

    Ended up being a great day, even with the rain early on. Marina, in addition to being a near perfect driving surface, has some fantastic scenery. It would be a shame if this is our last half-season there… I know Jeff and his crew will try their hardest to wrestle Marina and the FAA into a reasonable agreement, or at the very least an alternative venue.
    I’ll be out of town March 21st, but I will definitely be coming back in April. Hope to see you guys then.

    Some random pics and video from yesterday:


    Mark Mervich

    Photos here

    Eric Ries

    My best run of the day at 45.9 – AAA (1st run group)

    Really fun day! Love running in the rain 🙂

    Mark Mervich

    Video. Great clouds. And s fast run.


    Dennis B

    Some more photos from run group 2 and the paddock


    Hal Dorton

    Trying new setups for this year and running 3yr old BFG R1S. Little pushy…

    Diane’s run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRxLHH2hIvU
    Hal’s run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibiMCmxqAaY

    John Kim

    My car was not pushy at all! Quite loose in fact, very fun but not very fast. (Ryan was 3 seconds faster than me in my car on the same loose setup, so as usual lots of space for me to improve.) Will post video later.

    Markus Lewtschuk

    Just wanted to say…my son and I had such a great time, and have already signed up for the next one. You guys are really great and made us feel very welcome. Looking forward to many many more! Very excited to be with just a great group!

    Thanks for everything!

    More photos and videos please!

    Isaac Marquez

    Thanks again to everyone, especially to Mark Mervich for the great pics and the great instruction you gave me. Had a blast and I’ll hopefully join you all again for the April autocross!

    Paul Brancato

    Saw this during RG3 and had to snap a pic–proof positive that Jeff’s hiding a pot of gold in the trailer.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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