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    Timothy Woo

    Is this the right place for plugs?

    Just replaced the rear lower control arm to trailing arm ball bushings/joints on my e36 m3. It needs a special extraction, and installation tool because these joint are delicate. Works great, and did the fcab bushings too!! It’s for e36, e46 and more.

    I rented this tool from Sean in Fremont, 510-688-7878.
    His charge is $80 for about a week, with a $400 deposit, which you get back when returning the tool.

    FYI – we ruined 2 ball joints because the original instructions included with the Baumtool kit was INCORRECT. (Luckily we had 2 extra.)
    I told him about it, and wrote in the instructions the proper cap tool needed to install. He felt bad and didn’t charge me at all.

    That’s why I thought to give him a plug on this forum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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