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    Brad Vaughan

    So at the TDS I saw some tires working well that I had not seen before.. I am about to select some for track and autox so appreciate some input..

    This is my take on some options.

    Yokohama AD08 R – Slightly lower wear rating which I read as softer compound than the Direzza. $200 more expensive for 4 than Dunlops.

    Yokohama A048 – never seen before. Classed as streetable track/autox. Very low wear rating, but I don’t see a DOT-R rating. Anybody seen these.

    BF Goodrich Gforce Rivals – all specs comparable to Direzza Star Spec tire in wear and price. I expect the weight of the car and the construction characteristics make the biggest differece, which means you need to drive on them to know.

    Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec – very common tire used by members. My understanding is its better than the ZII and more like the ZI.

    I am definitely not into pure race rubber.

    Brad Vaughan

    Decided on the AD08’s as Tire Rack has the Dunlop Star Spec market cornered. The AD08 are about the same price fitted at Americas Tire as it would be to ship the Star Specs from Tire Rack and find a fitter.

    Will try and AD08 and see how it goes.


    Nice find :-). Yeah, I liked the AD08 because they have really good wear, very comfortable on the road and awesome on track. And they held well for two laps all out on 5mi Thunderhill at 104F before getting slightly greasy. That’s pretty good I think. Though people say they are slightly slower at autox than Direzzas or Rivals.

    Just checked Americas Tire… No 18″ :(. They are expensive…

    Brad Vaughan

    America’s Tire does not keep any stock of them. Its a few days wait on order from Yokohama warehouse.

    I have been going to the same shop for a while, so I walk in and they give me a good deal. They also in the past replaced tires (3 inch bolt embedded) and gave pro-rata wear on tires without paying for any of the insurance stuff tire shops are always pushing. Plus they repeatedly fix nail in tire issues for nothing which happens pretty regularly in Cali, especially on my SUV.

    This versus ordering from Tire Rack and shipping and then dealing with an installer who I am sure is not happy they are not getting the sales margin on the tires.

    From Tire Rack
    Direzza’s are $1159 + install (about $80 to $120 depending)
    Yokohama’s are $1287 + install (about $80 to $120 depending)

    So I just ended up with the Yokohamas at the Direzza price installed.

    Not the deal of the century, but happy enough. Plus the way you drive Ratko, can’t have a better recommendation.

    Going to a HOD track day on 21st at Thunderhill (short course). Will let you know how it goes. Will be at the Course Rewind. Not sure I will use the Yokohama, or try one more time with the 19″ wheels.


    Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll give America’s Tire a call in the near future when I need a new set of tires.

    BTW, if you are interested in another track day, I’m doing Laguna Seca with Shelby Club on Black Friday… a beautiful time to be on track when everyone is climbing over each other to buy stuff 🙂

    Justin Tsang

    Just run the R-S3

    Edison Tran

    +1 on the rs3 and call it a day

    surprised it didn’t even make your list

    David Bashford

    The shop I use is Tires Unlimited on Stevens Creek. I call with what tires I want, they find the tires and give me “Tire Rack Pricing” (i.e. same as Tire Rack + shipping) + $60 mount and balance + fees and taxes.

    I’ve had random bad luck with America’s Tire, but never with Tires Unlimited.

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