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    Michael Do Couto

    Been thinking on how we can make TDS better.
    Bracket format group run order.
    Ranked TDS standings from the previous year of Autox’s or last six or (open to ideas)??
    This is used to sort run groups. Person ranked first will pick which run group he will run 1 or 2. If he picks run group 2 then second place is in run group 1, third in run group 2 etc. Vice versa if he picks run group 1.

    This will make each run group even with Top Drivers instead of possibly loading up run group with the luck of the run group draw.

    Move the TDS event to July. Why? More daylight and better weather.
    Open up TDS event to 100 or keep it the same.

    Not sure if possible but can we run past 6:00pm for this special event?
    If so let’s do it.
    Just my .02 cents.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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