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    Brad Vaughan

    Anyone had a front windscreen crack on a E46 M3. Started from the bottom passenger side and has crept up about 10 inches.. Seems to be originating from the edge. Same windscreen since new (2005). Don’t see any stone impact, but its possible I suppose. Wondering if flex from track or AutoX or impact clipping track apexes might cause.

    Anyone had the front replaced? Any gotchas? Any recommendations on who to replace it ?

    Suppose I need to get it fixed before I register for an AutoX.


    Jeff Roberts

    I’ve had mine replaced after an altercation with a deer. The kind of cracking you describe does need to be fixed… you can be cited by law enforcement for it, if they notice and want to make the effort.

    When I had mine done, I inquired around about alternate glass options and was told to stick with OE glass. It’s expensive, something like $1100 IIRC, so make an insurance claim and pay your deductible if less than that. I’m pretty sure it would be a comprehensive claim, no rate hike. Inquire at a dealer – my reading suggests they do the best work.

    I had mine done at Caliber Collision, formerly B-Line. They used OE glass and brought in a specialist. My only complaint on the glass part of the work they did is the rubber seal visible on the outside doesn’t seem to fit as snugly as the original and causes minor wind noise at speed.

    We’d love to see you back out there, Brad! Be warned, one must get signed up within the few couple hours of reg opening… the June event sold out in just over 3 hours.

    Brad Vaughan

    Thanks for the info man..

    June was ruled out for me, so I will try for second half of the year.

    Hope to see you guys out there soon.

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