SCCA STU Nationals winner – Tristan!!!!

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    Eric Lam

    Congratulations for being the 2012 SCCA Nationals winner in STU!!!!!

    Awesome work Tristan! You pulled it off, showing everyone that the old e36 still have what it takes to run with the newer big power cars when no one thought it was possible. Great work!

    We now have a nationals winner amongs us boys and girls! B)

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Way to go Tristan!!! :cheer:

    an nguyen

    congrats, must’ve been dry both days =)

    Jeff Roberts

    Right on Tristan! Way to make the most of that adventure!

    Hal Dorton

    E36 values just shot up 10%!

    Ryan Rich

    Congrats Tristan!!!! Great Job!!!!

    Brad Vaughan

    I loved a post on bimmerforums

    “as crazy as it sounds…”

    Jack Yu

    Tristan on FIRE…congrats dude!

    Tristan Littlehale

    Thanks guys for following Nationals. I meant to post the URL to live results but I was already being spammed from friends and family. I literally just got home a few hours ago after flying in from Lincoln, Nebraska. The car in the mean-time is still travelling back home and probably only half-way home.

    GGC BMW CCA was the first club that I started to autocross with in my Lexus SC300 three years ago. Today, most know me for my Dakar yellow e36 M3, newly decorated with Bimmerworld across the side of the car.

    I just want to say thanks for everything you guys have offered over the years including my first mentors – Eric Cheung, and the Lew’s with their amazing Supra. I still love watching that car come out and autocross, espcially with their new motor B) . And thanks again to Eric for the co-drive the last event. That was a great experience.

    I hope to make it out to one more autocross before I head down south again for school but if not, I will randomly show up to an event.

    Feel free to contact me with questions, set-up, etc.

    Thanks again guys,

    Stefano G

    I guess this will make people ( ahm…me ) feel better about being so far off your times 🙂

    Nice job.

    Jeff Roberts

    Tristan’s fame continues to grow…

    He was also mentioned on the National BMW CCA Facebook page. Will we see an article in Roundel or Bombe?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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