Photos and video Round 2

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    Mark Mervich

    Photos all run groups
    Video soon.

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    Paul Betancourt

    Photos look great Mark!

    Mark Mervich

    Here is my fastest run. I was happy to have my car back from the Beast of last wkend to the Beauty I live.


    Michael Kolesar

    Here is my fastest run, 3rd run group 48.604

    Brad Vaughan

    My 49.3.. Did not get video of any of my other runs..


    Nigel Mott

    Looks like another great course based on the videos posted. (‘Well held, Sir,’ on Brads video at ~35 seconds..!)

    Hal Dorton
    Barry Twycross
    Jeremy Nugent

    Man I am so bummed I missed this one. I was on my way when My car suffered a huge malfunction, and I had to pull over and get towed back to San Rafael. Ill get it fixed and make it to the next one.
    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun.


    Here is my 6th Ferrari run:

    I am extremely happy. To be honest I have had a terrible time understanding the handling dynamics of the car since I bought it. It has a tendency for severe understeer, which I mostly blamed on myself not knowing how to drive a mid-engine car.

    This time I put 5 psi more pressure in the rear than the front (R: 42 psi, F: 37 psi) (RE-11As), which completely eliminated the understeer, in fact, probably gave it slightly too much oversteer. It was awesome; much more “BMW-like” but with this wonderful sense of rotation around a center of gravity further back of the car. It was pretty cool.

    Now that I’ve got that going, I’ll probably back off the pressure differential over time as I get better at driving the car. (I have given up at being good at autocross.)

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    Jeff Roberts

    Here’s my 49.557…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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