local south bay place to get TWS oil and OES parts

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    ricardo jamin

    Anyone know a good local place in south bay to buy castrol TWS oil?
    and also place that sell OES parts? so something like INA brand for pulley, Behr for cooling system, etc?
    I usually buy these parts online but if I can find a good local place at reasonable price, I’ll buy local. It’s easier to deal if I get the wrong parts.


    Jeff Roberts

    Ricardo… Tischer BMW has oil change kits that include free shipping.


    You can also try Winchester Auto in the South Bay. I may have seen it there… they carry the stuff others don’t, including BMW coolant. Call up and ask – very helpful staff. Locally, that’s my first stop over the big chains.

    Other than a dealer or BMW indpendent, you are probably better off buying parts online. My favorites are: oembimmerparts.com, autohausaz.com, and pelicanparts.com. Tischer is also good for BMW OEM parts, but they are on the East Coast and the others are closer – faster arrival.

    ricardo jamin

    Thanks for the tips Jeff.

    I actually have been buying parts online. But Tischer once sent me a wrong part. It was a muffler gasket. I checked the packing slip and it has the right part number. The gasket it self has no label or stamp so I can’t verify right away. I found out when I got the old muffler out and compared the old gasket with the new one. Tischer refund my money but its a pain to redo the work.
    I’m hoping there is a good local place. so if its a wrong part I can just drive down to get a replacement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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