July 29th AutoX Pics & Video

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    Eric Ries

    Fastest run of the day @ 92.8 — Got a DNF on this one for some reason. Can anyone spot what went wrong??


    Dave Dunwoodie

    I didn’t see any DNF. :huh:
    Here’s my 4th run. 84.676

    Tristan Littlehale

    My fastest run which was clean, 77.218. Was a fun day with great weather!


    an nguyen
    Michael Kolesar

    [quote=”goeslikeschnell” post=543]Fastest run of the day @ 92.8 — Got a DNF on this one for some reason. Can anyone spot what went wrong??[/quote]

    I agree with Dave. I did not see anything that would count as a DNF.

    Here is my fastest clean time of 84.2.

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Tristan, somebody obviously swept the course for you. 😛 Nice run my friend!!! :woohoo:

    Mark Mervich

    My fastest(I thought I posted this already). And this is image stabilized 🙂


    Tristan Littlehale

    Dave, Rodge, and many others:

    I still don’t understand why you all say I have a rep for driving sideways. I never do that…

    Photo credit to Tom F. Thanks!

    Rob Powers


    I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like maybe you missed the “exit gate” on the first section of the course right at the 0:11 mark in your video. You went to the left of the gate instead of going on the right side of the pointer cone. It’s a little easier to see in full screen mode.

    an nguyen
    Hal Dorton

    Here’s my 83.363

    Jeff Roberts

    [quote=”AutoXer” post=552]My fastest(I thought I posted this already).

    I’ve learned if you hit the New Topic tab, even if you’re in a subforum, the new topic is created in the top level Driving Events forum. I myself have done this a few times. I’ve asked the admins if they can change that page functionality to default to the forum you’re reading at the time, but in the future just double check the category drop-down to make sure it says “autocross” instead of “driving events.”

    Thanks Brad for starting this thread. It was a big day for us with so many new people and such a large crowd, but the experience and willingness of everyone to pitch in and help where needed ensured we had a smooth day. Course tear-down and packing up at the end of the day went very quickly. Everyone did an outstanding job at this event!

    The team worked really hard on pre-event planning and course design and setup for this one due to the variable nature of the site and I think the course was very fun, safe, and mostly friendly to race suspended cars – all things considered. I filed off some more of my front air dam on the “bowl” around worker station 5, but hey, more front ground clearance is a good thing.

    I feel like I know every inch of The Stick after spending three days with the Club there. The staff at SF Parks & Rec were very accommodating of our needs all weekend and really treated us well.

    To those of you who found driving the course a challenging experience… practice, practice, practice! Watch our club calendar and e-blasts for an announcement about the October Car Control Clinic registration open date. It is there that you will learn valuable skills to help you be better drivers on the street, but also explore concepts that greatly enhance your autocross experience. Several of us also instruct for that program so if you tell us you want to improve your autocross driving, we’ll tailor our teaching to help you with that. These clinics fill up fast… the last one sold out in 5 days, so register early.

    Thanks again to all of you who joined us this weekend! We are very hopeful that some of the new folks will join us at Marina for future events. If you’ve never been, you must make the trek down to experience our home site.

    Ronan Omahony


    I had a great time yesterday! Thanks to everyone for setting this up. The course was WAAAY different from the usual Marina setup, and the peaks and valleys on the car park surface really played with the handling of the car.

    Being a SF resident, I wholly endorse more Candlestick events! I met a bunch new people too.

    Mark Mervich

    Here are pictures. http://markm.zenfolio.com/p937999364

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