how to classify BMWs that aren’t on the menus?

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    I’m starting to get some cow-orkers interested in running their BMWs in the autocross series.
    But they don’t show up on the classification menus.


    What should I suggest?

    Jeff Roberts

    Which cars are not showing up? Please provide year and model and any specifics you can to help us identify them.


    Matthew Visser

    Active E and Mini-E. Nice.

    Are they seriously thinking of autox? They better live close to Marina. 😉

    Jeff Roberts

    Ah ha! As I look closer… those are not your average 1-er and MINI.

    No on-site power that I know of at Marina. There is a charging station here though…

    Cardinale Nissan
    1661 Del Monte Blvd
    Seaside CA 93955
    Phone: 831-393-0600
    Distance: 5.72 Miles

    Brad Vaughan

    Is that a pre-release ActiveE ?

    I thought the selection process only started a week ago..

    I know a guy who autox’d a Leaf, but he did it at Great America to charge before his runs..

    He also changed the suspension and tires to make the car competitive with a standard petrol car. I instant torque should be great for autoX, but the setup for economy should impact the corners. Would love to see the ActiveE run though, its supposed to handle better.

    Maybe we can put it in the back of the trailer and haul it to Marina.


    I believe it’s a full production ActiveE, just a very early delivery. As part of the EV food chain, [url=]we[/url]’re pretty closely involved with all the manufacturers, particularly with the telematics. So one of our execs managed to game the selection process.

    The [url=]nearest[/url] public charging stations are in Aptos and Soquel, 45 miles away, so a round trip to Marina is a bit out of range for a day of draining the batteries. Perhaps the driver can find a cooperative hotel for a slow charge overnight. Or a trailer might be a good option.

    I haven’t driven the ActiveE yet. A couple of weeks ago I took the Mini-E for a spirited loop in the mountains and found it to be, well, a Mini. It was much more engaging to drive than the Fisker Karma I drove the day before. I didn’t find the tires and suspension to be limiting, at least not at 7/10ths on a public road. Surprisingly, I found it hardest to adapt to the interaction between the regenerative braking and the friction braking ABS. The regen provides a continuous drag on the front end, but the ABS changes the drag on both front and rear. So the braking bias kept changing as I progressed through a corner.

    Michael Kolesar

    [quote=”buraddo” post=58]

    Maybe we can put it in the back of the trailer and haul it to Marina.[/quote]

    Sorry I already claim the trailer as trailer driver. That is how I get my car to the races.

    Kyle Gambucci

    Funny I think my wife works in in the building that picture was taken at.

    Don Louv

    The ActiveE has now been classified. Class C. 23 points.

    (and I drove mine to 4th place, out of 7)

    Jeff Roberts

    Don, you should write an article for the Bombe or Roundel… perhaps yours is the first in the US to be autocrossed. If you’re interested I can give you some guidance on the process. It’s quite easy, especially for the Bombe.

    We ran in the same group and I didn’t get to take a ride along with you. Next month!

    Don Louv

    Yes, next month I’ll keep a seat open for you.
    Thanks. An article sounds like a great idea. 👿 :whistle:

    P.S. Check your April Roundel, for the first of my monthly columns on living with an ActiveE. B)

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