AX #8 Preliminary Results

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    Jeff Roberts

    Preliminary results for 10/17 autocross are posted. Please verify your times and penalties. Post any corrections to this thread.

    Henry Loh

    Dang… So fast. You ain’t messing around!

    Not sure it matters, but I was driving a 2012 535i ZMP.

    Thanks Jeff et al! Fun times as always. See you next month!

    Jeff Roberts

    New system makes quick work of preliminary results. 🙂 Fixed your car info.

    Dennis B

    Also doesn’t really matter, but Billy Quach, Victor Fong and I were all driving the 2008 STI (blizzak attack), and Carol Tang was driving a 2010 GTI (and we should all be under X-class).

    Michael Do Couto

    Not that it makes a difference.
    Car 12 AA
    My 62.942 should be a 48.149 (rerun)
    48.086 my best run is correct

    Jeff Roberts

    I’ve made the corrections and updated the preliminary results. The car make/model may not be correct, but the class of N or X is correct.

    These are verified… final results pending further review before we publish them.

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    Brian Cheung

    Final results and standings are posted.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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