2022 Autocross Season!

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    Jeff Roberts

    Hello GGC Autocrossers!

    We have finalized a schedule of events for 2022 which includes Crows Landing and a new site at the Merced-Castle airport in Atwater, CA.

    Planned Schedule
    Saturday 3/26/22 – Autocross Fun Run – Crows Landing (Done)
    Saturday 4/23/22 – Autocross – Merced-Castle airport (Cancelled)
    Sunday 4/24/22 – CCC – Merced-Castle airport (Cancelled)
    Saturday 5/28/22 – Autocross – Crows Landing (Reg open!)
    Saturday 6/11/22 – Autocross – Crows Landing (Reg opens 5/29/22 at 5pm)
    Saturday 9/10/22 – Autocross – Crows Landing (Reg opens 6/12/22 at 5pm)
    Saturday 10/29/22 – Autocross – Crows Landing (Reg opens 9/11 at 5pm)
    Sunday 10/30/22 – CCC – Crows Landing (Reg opens TBD)

    Format Change
    Our first event will be a fun run to test out the timing equipment and event software after a long slumber. Each event that follows will be an independent competition event. Since we’re easing back into it, and we’re site limited, we won’t be doing a full series as in the past. You’ll still compete against other drivers in your class, but each event will have class winners rather than a winner-takes-all series approach. More on this as things progress.

    New Site
    We’re excited to run our first events at Merced-Castle airport in Atwater. It’s twice the size of Marina and a really nice facility. We’re testing the waters with a double-header weekend of Autocross on Saturday and a CCC on Sunday. Mark your calendars!

    Classification System
    We’ve updated the classification system for 2022 and require everyone participating to go through the process before your first event with us this year. We’ve also freed up a bunch of stale driver numbers if you’re looking for a change.

    Summary of changes:
    – Base points for all vehicles have been reduced by 10 points
    – Vehicles with the 8 Speed ZF transmissions will no longer receive a handicap
    – Wheel width will no longer take vehicle package into consideration when determining initial wheel width. It will be the owners responsibility to determine their wheel width
    – Added 2018-2022 vehicles that we commonly see or expect to see at a future event. If your vehicle is not in the system, please reach out to us at autocross@ggcbmwccca.org

    Visit the Documentation page for more information about the classification system, season policies, competition rules, and worker assignment descriptions.

    Helmet Requirements
    Snell 2015 (or newer) certified helmet (M, SA or EA) is required to drive or ride at our events. Loaners are not available. Snell 2010 and DOT helmets will not be accepted.

    We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in March at Crows!


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    Rob Powers

    Thanks for pulling together the schedule for 2022! Can’t wait!

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