2018 AX4 Preliminary Results

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    Jeff Roberts


    Please verify your times and penalties are as you think they should be. Let us know if there are any corrections.

    We promise we’ll get final results processed before TDS in November. 🙂

    Bill Richter

    Not that it makes a difference (with a time of 59 seconds +1 ?), but my run #6 wasn’t a DNF. I took out one cone when I spun and came back on the track before the point where I left it.

    Jack Yu

    I’m impressed by Aaron and Bill, a mini and an s2000 near the top!!

    Andy Daniels

    Hmmm… Where did I hit a cone on my 6th run? I don’t remember hitting anything during that run (I’ll own all the others) and neither I nor the time slip writer heard any cones called at the time. Late call?

    Aaron Topal

    Here’s the video from my best run of the day along with some bloopers like the 360 tour of the course.

    Nigel Mott

    @ Andy D: Chicago box. Middle cone. Clipped it, but enough to push it out. You would not have heard it, or seen it, because you were into the right hander

    @ Aaron: Dang…. your car is planted. Very smooth. But I still think the S2000 is the most evil car on the planet… They always seem to want to kill you.

    Big shout out to Philip Blacklock for breaking 50 seconds in an ‘A’ car. I rode with him on his second run. If you ever want to experience real time dynamic car control, I strongly suggest a ride with Phil. Totally impressive car control. If I wasn’t so scared, I’d have screamed the whole way round…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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