2018 AX3 Preliminary Results

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    Jeff Roberts


    Please verify your times and penalties are as you think they should be. Let us know if there are any corrections.

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    Bill Richter

    Not that it makes much difference, but my #2 run was a DNF also. I drove on the wrong side of the apex cone at the kink entering onto the hangar straight. Still don’t know how I managed to thread the needle and not pick up 3 cones doing it… 🙂

    Paul Senf

    Tim Senf #462 and I(#460) forgot to switch numbers on run #7, which logged his time for my last run since we share a car. His last run was 52.062 no cones; my last run was 49.748 but I don’t know my cone score.

    Jeremy Nuger

    My number got messed up in the online tool, so Ryan had me run under number 702 (what was listed online). But I was actually driving the car classified as 716 (a C class white 228i convertible). Any chance we can update it?

    William Stanaway

    My times for #513 AA look good. But I think #996 was not a M3 Saturday. Looked more like a yellow Porsche.

    Stephen Kolesar

    I saw the same thing William did on car #996. an m3 that looks like a yellow Porsche.

    thanks for another great event!

    Jeremy Nuger

    I think Brandon Ignacio #619 wasn’t actually driving a 1986 325es. Was he driving the same M2 that Dennis Ignacio #993 drove?

    Dennis B

    Any chance I can get moved back to AAA? I was accidentally still registered under Carol’s M3 from the previous event (AA car, but classified to run in AAA), but I actually brought my 79 point AAA 135i. If not no worries 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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