2016 M-sport suspension classification

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    Jeremy Nuger

    I have a 2016 228i convertible with M-sport package. How do I classify the springs/shocks in the classification tool? Are these “base” or “sport” springs/shocks? For reference, the M235i, which comes with adaptive M suspension, gets auto-classified with “sport” springs/shocks. But my suspension is a little different (non-adaptive). Not sure how different the springs/shocks are.

    While I’m at it, can anyone confirm that the 2016 zf 8 speed transmission classifies as “steptronic”?

    Rob Powers

    Hi Jeremy,

    If you have a sport package, you have sport springs. They typically lower the ride height a little and increase the stiffness from the standard springs, so your car handles better (and therefore you get points added in the classifier)

    For the 2-series, there are 3 transmission options:
    6-Speed Manual, 8-Speed auto, 7-speed DCT auto
    Since you have the 8 speed, you have the automatic. All BMW automatics from the
    early/mid 2000’s are Steptronic (meaning you can put it in “Manual” mode and electronically shift the gears).

    Hope this helps!


    Jeremy Nuger

    Thanks, Rob — that does help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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