2013 AX2 Results! ( Final )

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    Rodger Ball

    Been one of those weeks where I didn’t even want to touch a computer after coming home.

    Here’s the provisional results. Reviewing the score sheets tonight and should have the updated ones posted tomorrow morning.



    EDIT: Updated link with verified times.

    Post any corrections you see needed.

    Ryan Rich

    Is this for AX #2? Also, I do not see anything link or attached.

    Edit: YOU ROCK RODGER!!! Thanks for the results!

    Barry Twycross

    Am I missing something? I don’t see any results.

    Rodger Ball

    Forgot you can’t upload html to the forum. Uploaded to the net and linked now.

    Barry Twycross

    Thanks for the results, I’ve been eagerly awaiting them.

    Do you want us to point out suspicious results? (Like the top times in B and C. and my 53.6 was a DNF.)

    Hal Dorton

    Diane was quicker than she thought…Maybe that time is a 57.xxx

    Rodger Ball

    Wait until I post the reviewed copies. Then let the flood gates open.

    Cliff Oates

    [quote=”HalM3″ post=1516]Diane was quicker than she thought…Maybe that time is a 57.xxx[/quote]

    I should ask Diane to be my driver coach.

    (I know which event I’ll be throwing out. I knew I shoulda turned left at Albuquerque…)


    The top result in B class (34.474) looks like a timer error.

    Jack Yu

    I’m pretty sure my second time was 49.3xxx not 65.396.

    Stephen Kolesar

    It is going to be a tight race in AA. .3 seconds from 1st to 4th.

    James Keane

    Same thing in A class with 0.4 seconds covering the top 4 places. It’s gonna be a fun season!

    Paul Berton

    A kicked AA’s ______!!!

    jeff reitmeir

    You are being way to generous giving me a 50.152 (car 306, class B) My fastest time was a 51.582. It’s only a 318ti with 40 points!

    John Kim

    Wow, seeing all the results makes me feel even slower. Something in the 51.x range would have made me pretty happy (as opposed to 53.55).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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