05/14/16 – AX2 Preliminary Results

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    Jeff Roberts

    Preliminary results for yesterday’s event are at the link below. Please review your times and cone counts and make sure everything is correct.

    Brian is processing the final results from 4/23 and will do the same for this event once everyone has had a chance to look them over.

    Yesterday was a total blast! Thanks to all of you for working hard and keeping things on schedule. That’s how we get an extra hour of driving at the end of the day!


    Brian Stanaway

    What’s the award for most cones hit in a day?

    In any case, the 44.8+1 on my 4th run was actually Ross driving, so for honor’s sake it should probably be struck from the record, but I did manage the 45.949 with my own two hands so I’ll keep 6th.


    Brian Cheung

    Verified and updated the prelim results

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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