Re: [vid] 4/7/13 candlestick

Cliff Oates

[quote=”btwyx” post=1264]Can you manually focus, or prefocus? The autofocus on my camera’s a little iffy, so I’ll usually pre-focus on somewhere I’m expecting the car to be and keep the focus locked in (half press of the shutter button) until the car arrives in the frame. Cones make a reasonable thing to focus on. If the camera’s having a really bad day or I’ll be taking lots of the same shot I’ll switch it to manual focus and lock it in for good. (And try to remember to turn the AF back on when I’ve finished.)[/quote]

The EM-5 in continuous high only focuses for the first shot in a sequence, so providing the car doesn’t move away or towards the camera much after focus was acquired it was ok. So I would acquire, then spray and pray. That is essentially a form of prefocusing. I am used to shooting motorsports with a D700 and it tracks moving objects quite well. This Olympus is a very different camera.