Re: Number Plate Holder

Brad Vaughan

He didn’t get me doing that speed. I might have been doing that speed at some point for maybe 5-10 secs passing people. It was a hypothesis on his part. I saw him parked finishing up a ticket on another person. I was doing about 85 when I passed him, a little over the traffic speed. I was stuck behind some traffic when he eventually caught up to me.

Its the yellow car that get them chasing you just to see what happens.

His first questions was; “so what speed do you think you were doing?” which is a leading question to get you to self-incriminate. When I politely said, I do not have a clue, but probably a little more that the traffic speed, he then walked around the front of my car looking for a license plate.

My only rule its important to be polite. Not show any anger or frustration. Its a job like any other job. You can hate the system, but don’t hate the people.