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    Brad Vaughan

    Got pulled over last week on the 280. The pleasant police man was threatening me with a ticket for 110mph, but did me a “favor” and just cited me with a fixit for the front number plate.

    Anyway, have seen some versions online. Anyone had an experience with the various versions and any differences ?

    This one seems brand specific

    Any comments


    Jack Yu

    I get a ticket for going 76 in a 65 and you get off from 110 mph? Wow, I’m doing something wrong, or it’s just I’m DWA (driving while asian).

    Brad Vaughan

    He didn’t get me doing that speed. I might have been doing that speed at some point for maybe 5-10 secs passing people. It was a hypothesis on his part. I saw him parked finishing up a ticket on another person. I was doing about 85 when I passed him, a little over the traffic speed. I was stuck behind some traffic when he eventually caught up to me.

    Its the yellow car that get them chasing you just to see what happens.

    His first questions was; “so what speed do you think you were doing?” which is a leading question to get you to self-incriminate. When I politely said, I do not have a clue, but probably a little more that the traffic speed, he then walked around the front of my car looking for a license plate.

    My only rule its important to be polite. Not show any anger or frustration. Its a job like any other job. You can hate the system, but don’t hate the people.

    Brad Vaughan

    Of course I posted this in a hurry.

    My original question was about the front number plate mounts that screw into the tow hook.

    Any body have them or any feedback.


    I have a few friends that have them. They like em. It doesn’t take much effort to remove them since they screw on. If you’re going to a car meet, its easy to take off so you can have that “clean” look.
    There are several brands out there, I’m not sure which ones my friends have. Turner sells them.

    Tim Uptegrove

    I’ve seen one advertised in the Bavarian Autosport catalog. They want $50-$70 for one.

    Cliff Oates

    I have a rhoplate holder in my trunk in case I get another fixit ticket. I had a plate holder from gominigo for my Z4MC for the same reason, and it spent most of its days in the same location (trunk). They both look like crap mounted, but they only need to be there long enough for me to collect a signature. The gominigo holder seems a bit easier to put together.

    Jeff Roberts

    Do you have the one that came with the car? I have come up with a temporary solution using the OE plate holder, a block of dense packing foam, and some 3M Adhesive Putty.

    I keep it in the car and when I’m in SF and must park on the street, I’ll install it when I get near where I’m going to look for parking. You don’t want someone to see you do it so they won’t be tempted steal it. That said, I usually park in a private lot to avoid the BS.

    The last time I got nabbed for it, I devised and tested this solution and drove to a local police station for sign-off. I had to park down the block and the officer, too lazy to go outside, said “is the plate on?” I said yes and she said “ok, i trust you…” and signed me off. The DMV can only sign you off if they were to blame… like you didn’t get your plates in time or something like that.

    I’m sure you feel safer now, right?

    ricardo jamin

    I got pulled over earlier today because they spotted no front license plate.
    So DMV would not sign off on this?

    Rodger Ball

    I have one for a Mini I’ll bring to next AX. Might fit, free to anyone that wants it.

    Bill Richter

    I have this one…

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