Re: how to classify BMWs that aren’t on the menus?


I believe it’s a full production ActiveE, just a very early delivery. As part of the EV food chain, [url=]we[/url]’re pretty closely involved with all the manufacturers, particularly with the telematics. So one of our execs managed to game the selection process.

The [url=]nearest[/url] public charging stations are in Aptos and Soquel, 45 miles away, so a round trip to Marina is a bit out of range for a day of draining the batteries. Perhaps the driver can find a cooperative hotel for a slow charge overnight. Or a trailer might be a good option.

I haven’t driven the ActiveE yet. A couple of weeks ago I took the Mini-E for a spirited loop in the mountains and found it to be, well, a Mini. It was much more engaging to drive than the Fisker Karma I drove the day before. I didn’t find the tires and suspension to be limiting, at least not at 7/10ths on a public road. Surprisingly, I found it hardest to adapt to the interaction between the regenerative braking and the friction braking ABS. The regen provides a continuous drag on the front end, but the ABS changes the drag on both front and rear. So the braking bias kept changing as I progressed through a corner.