Re: Autocross #7 Timer mis-function

Jeff Roberts

Thanks for starting this thread Jack.

First, it could have been any one of us who spun out at the finish. During the course walk I saw where the t-link was placed, off the concrete to the outside of the last corner. A few of us were there and thought it was risky because we thought cars would likely go wide and possibly spin to the left. I made the decision to move it to the inside of that corner and after talking with Matt and Dave today, we all agreed it seemed like the right thing to do.

I was coaching Tim on that lap, doing what I do… encouraging people to be aggressive and charge the course. I had people in my right seat doing that for me too. Spins happen… if you’re not spinning out, you’re not trying hard enough. I learned a bit from that experience… Tim handled the spin and no one got hurt.

Matt and I brought the t-link to Race America this afternoon and they are going to evaluate it. They said it was likely we’d have it sorted out by the end of this week – so no concerns about TDS on the 3rd.

Our very supportive treasurer, Tamara Hull, has asked me to look into purchasing a spare so we are covered for this situation in the future.

We now know how to use the equipment in manual mode. 🙂 Some longer cables will be made to have on hand as a backup to the backup.

[b]RG3 – Points[/b]
My team and I talked about the situation and all agree that we should treat this as other clubs do… like a washout from a storm. RG3 participants get their 1 participation point, but we cannot count the times because everyone didn’t get the same number of runs. So 0 additional points. We drop the lowest point event this season, this will be that event for AAA and B.

I am open to your thoughts, so if you have any, please chime in.

[b]RG3 – Credit[/b]
Since everyone in RG3 worked first and hung out all day to run and didn’t get their full runs, I am going to issue you a credit in MSR to be used for a future event.

I have an open door policy, so if there are concerns or comments, please post them here. You are a classy group of folks, well most of you, so keep it classy. If you can’t, you have my e-mail address. 🙂

Thanks for your understanding!