Reply To: Cones out of the Box

Nigel Mott

OK Dave. I’ll bite…

I think his point might have been that he was unhappy about cones out of the box?? I could be wrong. 😉

One might even disagree with his fundamental premise. If a cone was perfectly centered in the box and he moved it 4 inches, it would still be ‘in the box’ and no time penalty would be assessed. By this logic every cone was, actually, in the box. (See! I do pay attention at Jeff’s Drivers Meetings….) 🙂

This video helped me in two regards. I was blown away by how close he actually came to cones and I hope that I never get this worked up about a hobby, that is supposed to be fun, run by volunteers, during their free time, with a small glass trophy for the winner at the end of the season. Of course, with this attitude, it’s very likely that my name will never be on the trophy….. Oh well.