Reply To: Arc-8 18" x 9.5" on E46 M3

Nigel Mott

Hi Brad. I ran PSS on my Z3 Coupe all season. I’m a Michelin fan and they are not too bad. I found them linear and predictable, with no evil attributes. If you were running Autocross, HPDE and Daily Driver in the wet, I think they would offer a good compromise. I see many of the fast folks are running Z11’s, but Grassroot Motorsports also had good things to say about the G-force Rivals and so I fitted a set to my spare wheels for the last event. Rivals have a 200 tread wear rating vs the 300 of the PSS. I felt the Rivals offered a bit more grip and carving ability and so I’ll run them from this point forward.

I think you’d enjoy AA. It’s full of really slow folks who are very easy to beat: Ratko, Jeff, Tim, The K brothers…… not.