Reply To: 06/14/14 – Autocross #3 Course Map

Andy Daniels

@Jack: I had spotted the three “sneaky straights” on my own, but both you and Brian pointed out to me where I could get hard on the throttle even before the actual straight part for a couple of them. My main problems with this course were not keeping the lines tight and slowing too much for many of the turns (a constant problem for me), which you and Brian also called me on. Still, I did better than I had expected (though not as well as I would’ve liked), in no small part thanks to Brian’s and your coaching.

@Jeff: I’m with you. Of the GGC AX courses I’ve driven so far this season, this is my candidate for the rewind. I thought it was really cool how one could see the straight sections simply appear up ahead almost out of nowhere when the car was lined up correctly.