06/14/14 – Autocross #3 Course Map

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    Jeff Roberts

    Here you go! If you would like to ensure a print out for yourself, bring one from home. We will only have limited copies available at the event.

    Nick Li

    Thanks Jeff.

    Michael Martin

    Six cone stations!

    John Kim

    Looks devious!

    John Kim

    It was devious but also fun–thank you Sparks.
    Here’s my best run with a passenger, 53.018

    and my 7th/last/best run at 52.556.

    As usual, my best run feels fast until I see all those faster times out there. The easiest answer is to make a “Mission Impossible” style mask of myself so one of the really fast drivers can drive my car while looking like me…

    Jack Yu

    June Autox Map

    Here’s what I had for notes. I’m curious to see if other people had other ways to attack this course. The biggest gains I saw in people I coached was when they realized how to manage the 3 “thread the needle” straights. If they did NOT use the steering wheel much and had wide open throttle (WOT), they were much faster.

    John, that’s where I see in your videos you could have picked up some time. There should be very little steering when you hit these three “thread the needle” areas.

    Nigel Mott

    I’d like to express my thanks to the organizers. For me personally, I think this was the most fun event I’ve attended in 8 months with the group. It was a great course and the weather was awesome. It was also entertaining. I think the folks on Cone stations 2 and 6 with RG2 should receive battle pay! Also, my appreciation to Dave for a 48.0 second passenger trip around the cones. Wow…! So THAT’S how it’s done…!

    John Kim

    Jack, thank you for the feedback. I understood the concept of “thread the needle” in those 3 areas but apparently didn’t apply it that well in straightening out those sections! I also saw in going into some of the med or high speed corners I was not making one steering input and tracking it through the turn, instead I made a turn in, then increased steering input at or after the apex. Perhaps the answer is to use more initial turn in on those.

    My run times were:
    1) 60.323
    2) 55.342
    3) 54.294
    4) 53.018
    5) 53.044
    6) 53.913
    7) 52.556

    I don’t think I hit any cones and didn’t come close to spinning anywhere, so maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough to be on the limits of traction.

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    Brian Cheung

    Wow Jack, good notes on the course map! That’s exactly how I tried to drive it and managed to do that on my last run.

    I watched the video of your last run. I do agree with Jack that the thread the needle parts of the course is pretty much a straight line. However I think your time is lost elsewhere. In the first slalom, you fell behind. At the top of the course where the offset box is, you overshot going into and out of it. The turn going into the middle “thread the needle” portion, you turned in too early. I think you would have gained the most time in the last 2 I mentioned.


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    John Kim

    Thanks, Brian. When I overshot the offset box, is my problem too much steering input or going into it too fast, forcing me to go too wide? Or is it I need to look ahead? 🙂

    How much time do you think I could have dropped by optimizing the last two, 1 second? 2 seconds?

    John Kim

    Argh, just saw results and hit one cone on my last lap. Don’t remember it!


    Here’s a video. Don’t laugh at my horrible lines. I’m a newbie. Haha. This wasn’t my fastest run, but it was the first run that I remembered to put it in sport mode and to take off traction control. :/

    Jeff Roberts

    Here’s my fastest run, tho dirty… picked up a cone in the final corner.

    Practice what you preach! “The car goes where you look!” and if you look at the cone you don’t want to hit, well, you hit it!

    My line was sloppy in a couple places. Mic by the exhaust tells the throttle story.

    Really fun course with the technical nuances Dave is famous for! I see a strong contender for Course Rewind next year.

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    Jeff Roberts

    Your line looked pretty good to me David, at least from that camera angle.

    Andy Daniels

    @Jack: I had spotted the three “sneaky straights” on my own, but both you and Brian pointed out to me where I could get hard on the throttle even before the actual straight part for a couple of them. My main problems with this course were not keeping the lines tight and slowing too much for many of the turns (a constant problem for me), which you and Brian also called me on. Still, I did better than I had expected (though not as well as I would’ve liked), in no small part thanks to Brian’s and your coaching.

    @Jeff: I’m with you. Of the GGC AX courses I’ve driven so far this season, this is my candidate for the rewind. I thought it was really cool how one could see the straight sections simply appear up ahead almost out of nowhere when the car was lined up correctly.

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