Re: Photos and videos from 5-25

Justin Tsang

First, Let me clarify, I never said the course wasn’t tight. “Is anyone arguing against that?” A tight course means slower turns… That’s what I have been saying all along. Slower turns mean better for higher power cars…. Slower turns = tight?

Second, I mentioned 5 90+ degree turns, not 5 shut it down and go corners. 90+ degrees turns still require you to slow the car significantly. We may have interpretation of that.

Third, I am a terrible coach. I only have 3 advices, it doesn’t matter if you are driving 400+hp, 100hp, FWD, RWD, AWD. The same applies.
A. Look ahead
B. Slow in, fast out
C. Smooth inputs (steering/throttle/brake).

Lastly, I accept opinions of others. We can agree to disagree. No hard feelings, I am just stating my opinion too, which obviously you disagree. There are much better drivers than me at the last event that share the same opinion as me, but I am the only one that decided to share it here.