Re: Course

Jeff Roberts

[quote=”CharlieDavis” post=1690]
You may have noticed competitors who were not competing for points in a class deliberately taking the slalom “2 on the left, 2 on the right.” They were enjoying the ride, didn’t care about DNFs. I don’t think a course should force them to do that to have fun, and it shouldn’t force those of us running for points to drive a tedious course.[/quote]

You brought it up, so I’m going to address it. My comments may be blunt and are not directed at you specifically. I probably won’t chime in again either – I was hoping this thread would just die.

Those weren’t competitors and [i]they [/i]weren’t just skipping slaloms. This “i’ll drive the course I want rather than the one that was given to me” behavior was unsafe and demonstrated a complete disregard for others. Several people approached me to share their disapproval during and after the last run group. That reflects badly on us and I won’t tolerate it. A $50 registration fee is not a ticket to entitlement town. Check the attitude at the gate or don’t come in.

That course was posted ahead of time and anyone who didn’t like it could have cancelled and stayed home. I’ve got my eyes on many places out in cyberspace and I saw crap-talking about it days before the event took place. You won’t see me talking crap about another club and I don’t appreciate others doing it to us.

DNFs happen, but if they are selfishly intentional, I will eject the driver immediately and they will not be welcomed back. Simple. I sincerely hope I don’t need to repeat those words during the attendee meeting.