Re: Course

mack Tsang

[quote=”dacat” post=1672]Wrong…I gave you my opinion which I clearly stated…but I’d like your best designs so we can potentially put it up for a vote (which I need to convince Dave and Jeff, and only if it passes safety rules first without changing the course much).

Edit: I’m trying hard to make you guys happy, but you guys are making it tough. No other folks who have attended so few of our events have made recommendations and feedback so difficult. The constant comparisons to other clubs is basically killing me right now. I am dying a slow death.[/quote]

I am not sure how you can determine “best” designs, so you guys are implying these are your best courses to offer?

To be honest, what I’ve been reading is more of a opinion/discussion to get some flow (fun) into GGC courses. Using other clubs as an example to demonstrate what’s out there in terms of course design.

Why does it matter how many events we have attended? Shouldn’t it concern you how the feedbacks are flowing from experienced autocrossers just from the few events they have attended?