Reply To: i3 review

Michael Martin

I test drove an i3 back when Peter Pan had them for a bit in San Mateo/Belmont.

I’ll echo Andy in saying that the steering was extremely responsive, on the verge of being twitchy. That might just be a combination of the short wheelbase and somewhat high up driving position.

I’ve never driven an EV before but the acceleration was impressive up to highway speeds. Probably similar to an E36 M3 but with an even smoother and more linear power delivery. I had a lot of fun pushing the go pedal.

What was a little weird was letting go of the go pedal. The survey they had me fill out after the test drive asked how I felt about “the one pedal driving experience”. I’m guessing BMW tried to design the drivetrain such that unless you’re in an emergency situation you won’t really have to use the brakes.

Before you completely come off the accelerator you can already feel the car slowing down. Take your foot completely off and the car is braking moderately hard. Definitely enough to get you to a complete stop before you hit the red light up ahead.

It took some getting used to but I imagine it helps to extend the range. A little EV like this is truly a momentum car. Wasting energy to heating the brakes and rotors is the last thing you want to do.

Not at all the type of car I would ever buy. But I had a blast driving it.