X1 in autocross?

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    Tony Wong

    Is the X1 allowed in autocross? I think I remember seeing one a while back. How many points would they be?


    Andy Daniels

    IIRC, any of the BMW X-things are OK, as are Porsche SUVs. I rode along in one of the smaller ones during the fun run at Candlestick earlier this year.

    Jack Yu

    I thought all SUV’s were not allowed in autocross. Jeff can chime in here.

    Hal Dorton

    The width must be greater than the height.

    Andy Daniels

    Hmm… Despite my riding along in an X* earlier this year, the AX page says: “We do not allow SUV/SAV vehicles to participate…” I must’ve been confusing the AX rules with CCC. Cayennes and a Macan have showed up pretty regularly at the PCA AX this year, however.

    Jeff Roberts

    Hi Guys –
    Sorry it took me a while to chime in. I’m not a fan of this forum function as it only lets me know when a thread was started, not when updated so I didn’t realize there was more action.

    Tony, I talked with Matt about the X1 and we are going to add it to the system for next season. It’s basically a tall station wagon, not really an SUV/SAV like an X5 or X3.

    I can’t guess when that will happen, but sometime before the end of the year. Also unsure of the class it will be in until we run the specs thru our program and determine the base points.

    If it matters enough to make you decide on buying one or not, let us know and maybe we can guestimate by comparing to other vehicle with similar weight and hp rating. I know there’s way more to the calculation than that though.

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