WSCC AX in Marina 1-2 Aug.


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    Andy Daniels

    Found out about this AX opportunity via the PCA. If you’re not up at Thunderhill that weekend, it might be worth considering:

    “Autocross open to everyone!! This is a WSCC (Western States Corvette Council) event, hosted by Santa Clara Corvettes, and is part of the annual championship series for Corvettes — Fun Runs for other cars. It’s held at Marina Airport, about 10 miles north of Monterey, CA.
    Cost is $40 per driver. This event starts at 8:00 AM, running until ~ 4 or 5 PM both days. Registration is open from 8 AM till noon. There will be two run groups in the morning, and two more in the afternoon. Working during one run group is mandatory for all drivers. (Very similar to American Autocross format, except classes can run in any run group.)
    Also, we don’t take pre-registrations. Run Group 2 tends to fill quickest. You may enter twice and run in both the morning and afternoon.
    You must have a 2000 or newer Snell or DOT-approved helmet to run (loaners are available). There will be drivers’ meetings at ~9:15 AM and again at ~ 1:00 PM. Additional fun runs may occur, depending on turn-out.
    E-mail or call (650) 465-5523 (cell) with any questions. Stuart Calhoon / SCC Competition Motorsports Director.”

    Dave Dunwoodie

    I’m probably going to try out a new car with them one or maybe both days.

    Nigel Mott

    Rafael attended their last event at Marina about 6 weeks ago. He said it was a big, open course suited to higher horsepower cars and so a little less technical than our GGC courses. Reasonably well organized, but also a bit more expensive than our events, since the $40 is for the morning or the afternoon, so $80 for the whole day. I think he mentioned that fun runs were an additional $10. Hopefully Rafael sees this and can chime in….

    Stuart Calhoon, who runs this event, also organized the Lockheed Martin event that a handful of GGC folks attended a few months ago. As Gurinder says, there’s no such thing as a bad day of Autocross… 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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