Why do I bother trying to register?

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    Cant ever seem to get a spot. The couple times I have been out I have seen many non BMW’s. Not to be elitist or anything, but I am pretty sure this is the BMW CCA, thus doesnt it stand to reason that BMW cars should get priority? This is my second year of membership, but next renewal will likely go into the recycling and that money to some other outfit.

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Curious, registration is always starting at noon following the last AX. Are you not able to get up by noon? If you’re at work, you can’t figure out how to register at noon?

    This club has a great team, a formula that works & is very popular. Stop complaining about sour grapes.

    Brian Stanaway

    Hey Chris, I sympathize, I’ve missed a few events by forgetting to register on time, if you’re not registered by 1PM the day registration opens odds are slim to get in, they make a good atmosphere that keeps people coming back.

    Luckily there’s lots of opportunities to autocross, I’ve enjoyed events by the Golden Gate Lotus Club, Loma Prieta Porsche Club, and SCCA San Francisco Region at Marina. Looks like the Porsche club event at Marina on Sunday isn’t totally filled up, maybe they can fulfill your need for speed?

    If it’s not too far there’s also American Auto-X Series at Crows Landing this weekend, no pre-registering, show up hand them the cash and take your runs, SCCA also puts on events out there and it’s a great site. Hopefully one popular sell out club hasn’t scared you off the hobby.

    Donald Lew

    Hi Chris, I feel your frustration. Although there are quite a few wonderful autox clubs in the general Bay Area to run with, the number of sites is very limited and likely to get worse. BMWCCA runs a very successful and attractive autox series that is member only, but not necessarily BMW car only. Yes, like any hot ticket, register early. Porsche club is member only also, but they require you own a Porsche to join (not true for BMWCCA). Lotus club is open to member or non members, but also fills up quick (though not quite as fast as BMWCCA). SCCA allow online registration up to about 2 days prior to the event, and hasn’t had caps on entries. AAS runs mostly at Crows Landing and is a very friendly club and allows walk up registration day of event, with no caps on entries. All clubs have varying operation style, course style, costs. It’s all personal preference, can’t really go wrong with any. I’ve done them all, like the BMWCCA sandwiches best 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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