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    Gary Gehiere

    Hello fellow autocrossers! My wife and I would like to partake in AX together and are seeking a sitter to work for us at the Marina Airport during the club events. In order to meet legal requirements for the club and California child labor laws the sitter must be at least 13 years of age and a parent will need to sign the club’s minor waiver if under the age of 18.

    For this position experience sitting kids is required, please provide a reference. No smokers, please. A love of fruit snacks, dolls and crafts is a plus.

    We have two kids, a boy aged 20 months and a girl aged 5 years. Our son is potty training but still wearing diapers. We’ll provide shelter, chairs and as many toys, crafts and other distractions as we can carry. We’ll also be on-site to pitch in (change diapers, help entertain) when we’re not driving or working.

    We’ll pay $13 / hour (we’re negotiable) plus $10 to cover lunch (not provided by us, but the club offers sandwiches for $5 I think).

    If interested please contact my wife Trina Burkard by email at trina@petrinaburkard.com or by phone or text at (408) 921-3313 between 9AM and 6PM weekdays, anytime weekends. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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