Welding a crack wheel

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    ricardo jamin

    Anyone has opinion on welding a cracked wheel?
    One of the wheel of my wife’s car is cracked. I haven’t seen it myself how big and where the crack is, but that what the tire shop told my wife. Probably its not a big crack because it leak very slowly.
    The tire shop said they can get it fix by welding and it will cost $180 to get everything done.

    I’m wondering how safe and reliable(will it prone to crack again in the future?) is it?
    Searching the internet I found both polar of opinion in term of safety and reliability.


    Jeff Roberts

    I had a set of wheels straightened and rims polished at Rite-Way Wheel in Walnut Creek. It doesn’t look like much, but they are highly regarded as the best in the area and were recommended to me by folks I trust. They did an awesome job on my SSR Comp-H wheels, which are no longer made.

    When I called to inquire, they told me they will do anything except weld a cracked wheel. I didn’t have any cracks anyway.

    IMO, safety is #1. I would not do it personally.

    Rob Powers

    Personally I would not have a wheel welded. There are many variables you won’t have control over (quality of the weld, atmosphere the weld was done in–could affect the alloy of the weld, heat treatment or lack thereof of the wheel afterward could affect strength, etc).

    You may be able to find a used replacement wheel for about the same money so that could be an option to consider too.

    ricardo jamin

    Thanks Jeff and Rob.

    It seems like its one of those thing that just not worth risking.

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