TENTATIVE 2015 Autocross/CCC Schedule

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    Jeff Roberts

    TENTATIVE 2015 Autocross/CCC Schedule

    Folks, we’ve been working hard to get a season together for you, with very tentative results. I’ll spare you the drama, but we still do not have ink on paper for anything – not for a lack of trying. We hope to ink the dates thru end of June by the end of next week so we can get registration open for our February events, but that is on someone else, not us. We’ve been ready since last November!

    February 28 – Autocross #1 – Marina
    March 21 – Autocross #2 – Marina
    April 18 – Autocross #3 – Marina (REG OPEN)
    May 23 – Autocross #4 – Marina
    June 27 – Autocross #5 – Marina

    As of this posting, we only have a four event season with TDS in June. This is because the Marina Airport manager has not approved any dates beyond June 28th at this time. If things change once we’re underway, we’ll make use of the dates we have after that. With everything so tentative, we decided to at least salvage our Series rather than use up two of our five dates for non-competition events as we have in the past seasons.

    Car Control Season Schedule
    February 21 – CCC – Marina (Registration opening soon)
    April 25 – CCC – TBD – Marina
    June 13 – CCC – TBD – Marina

    Here’s the tentative dates we have for the second half of the year:

    July 25 – Autocross TBD – Marina
    August 15 – Autocross TBD – Marina
    August 16 – CCC – TBD – Marina
    September -19 – Autocross TBD – Marina
    October 17 – Autocross TBD – Marina
    October 24 – CCC – TBD – Marina
    November 7 – Autocross TBD – Marina
    December 12 – CCC TBD – Marina
    December 13 – Autocross TBD – Marina

    We are working on another site and have been since last Fall, but there is nothing solid to report at this time.

    This is the best I can do at this point. Mark your calendars with the caveat that nothing is guaranteed. If anyone has a 20 acre back yard with a nice flat patch of asphalt or concrete we can rent, you know how to reach me.

    Jeff Roberts, Autocross Coordinator
    Golden Gate Chapter, BMW CCA

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    Jeff Roberts

    And before you ask me… all other clubs posting dates for Marina are in exactly the same position as we are. No one has signed any contracts yet because they have not been prepared or sent out. We don’t even know how much the rent will be for 2015, no one else does either.

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    Andy Daniels

    Hehe. I guess the PCA might’ve jumped the gun a bit, then. They’ve had their entire season up on MSR for a week or two now.

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff! Folks were asking me about the schedule at Cars & Coffee yesterday.

    Andy Daniels

    Oh, and Jack had better get to work on this year’s t-shirts with this accelerated schedule. 😉


    Rats. Was really looking forward to a spring “Test and Tune” event this year. Not looking good, I assume.

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    Nigel Mott

    Thanks for posting Jeff. I’m sure the lack of clarity must get pretty wearing for you, but I’m certain that we all appreciate your efforts on behalf of the club.

    Mark Mervich

    Thank you Jeff. Looking forward to this coming year. The schedule has very few overlapping events. I could make 50 days this year:>)

    Cliff Oates

    Thanks for posting that Jeff. I will try to make the February and April dates. I will be at Big Willow for the March date, and in May I will be at Laguna Seca. Will you keep the same 3 event prerequisite for the TDS event if it happens in June?

    Jeff Roberts

    Good question, Cliff. I’ll talk about it with the team at our annual meeting this week.

    Dunno how you’re doing that, Mark, but go for it!

    Nigel, you have no idea. Mark Magee (CCC) and I have been rattling cages for almost a year now.

    Andy Nordhoff

    Jeff, appreciate your tenacious dedication to autocross.

    Looking forward to continuing to prove my driving skills are my limiting factor….

    20 acres flat asphalt – you must mean candlestick 😉

    Jeff Roberts

    UPDATES – 2/1/15

    Folks, the team met this week and made some decisions:

    We are moving forward with an abbreviated season at this time and have decided to eliminate TDS from the schedule to give the City of Marina more time to confirm the second half of the year. If we get more dates after June, we will move forward with additional events and hopefully have our traditional Top Driver Shootout event at the end of the season.

    Until then, we are changing the rules – just in case. For each regular season event, all BMW/MINI competitors will have their best time run through our TDS formula. The 10 fastest drivers from all competitors at the event will be ranked #1 thru #10 and receive the typical point total you get for competing in your class.

    First Place: 20 points
    Second Place: 15 points
    Third Place: 11 points
    Fourth Place: 8 points
    Fifth Place: 6 points
    Sixth Place: 5 points
    Seventh Place: 4 points
    Eighth Place: 3 points
    Ninth Place: 2 points
    Tenth Place: 1 point

    If our season ends in June, we will award the Top Driver* Award to the competitor who has the most TDS accumulated points for the season.

    *This winner will receive an acrylic award, not the Fechner Cup.

    Complete 2015 season rules will be posted some time this week.

    Registration for our first event on 2/28/15 opens at midnight tonight. We still do not have any signed contracts, but we are hopeful that Marina Motorsports will get it together and things will move forward as planned.

    Rob Powers

    Jeff – First off, thanks for the hard work getting this all lined up. I just got wind of the signup being open from Paul and saw your post here… Are you going to send an email letting people know that the signup is open (I doubt that a majority of our participants watch this forum)

    If we get the additional dates, are we going to revert back to the standard class-based standings? Or is the TDS calc going to be done in parallel with the normal class standings from the beginning?

    And for 2015 are there any changes to the classification model other than new vehicles? This might affect people’s prep work in the next few weeks.


    Jeff Roberts

    Hi Rob –
    I announced it on Facebook and Twitter, it’s on the Chapter calendar and an eBlast from the chapter is pending this week.

    Class standings will go as they always have… we’ll have a new tally to keep track of TDS Standings. I’m hoping things work out and we have our traditional event at the end of the season so we don’t have to do that.

    Given the abrupt start to competition events, there will be no classification system changes other than new cars being added.

    Dare I say that if we get good news about the 2nd half of the season before 2/28, maybe we’ll revert the schedule to start in April and have our traditional pre-season test events in Feb and March.

    Not knowing is driving me nutz!

    John Kim

    I was all set to register for the Feb 28th Autocross but it looks like I’m signed up to help sell Girl Scout Cookies that day.

    Nigel Mott

    I have an idea, John. Commit to the ‘higher authority’ that if you are allowed to come to the Autocross, you will sell a minimum of $100? $200? of cookies to the attendees. I’m in for $20 to get you started. I didn’t get this figure by avoiding girl scout cookies… (Tagalongs and Samoas work nicely, thank you) Also, have you seen what happens to the cookies at the club? It’s gruesome and savage, but mercifully quick. I suspect we may have a few ‘cookie monsters’ lurking in among the cones. Joking apart, I really think you’d do OK. Just sell them for 30-40 minutes during lunch, assuming this is not against any CCA rules. If it is, I unreservedly apologize, and respectfully request that the Autocross Committee pelt me with Thin Mints as punishment. (It may be a little while before I cry uncle.)

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