TDS Congrats and Thanks!

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    Jack Yu

    Congratulations to Praniel for the repeat win! Congrats to the top nine finishers as well, there was some tough competition out there.

    Congrats to all the division top 3 winners..a special thanks to Brian and Praniel for leaving AAA so others could win 🙂

    Thank you Jeff for running another awesome TDS event and running the entire year so smoothly. There is a LOT of work that goes into each event and you do it all for free.

    Thank you Dave, Michael, Stephen, Brad, Paul, Brian, Ryan, Hal, Diane, Purta brothers (I’m sure I’m missing some names) and all the early morning folks that arrive to help set everything up and all the people that stay late to help pack up.

    Thank you for Mark, Cliff and Rick for being on photo duty each run group.

    What a great year this was, the highlight for me was Candlestick, a surface I though I’d hate and actually had a blast. Can’t wait until March already!

    Dave Dunwoodie


    Congratulations Praneil! And thanks to all that help make this another fun and successful season!

    Jeff Roberts

    Thanks for starting this thread Jack. I couldn’t agree more! What an awesome season and I think we were treated to the best weather day in the history of Marina for our last event.

    Congrats Praneil!

    Michael Costa

    Here, here! Congrats to the TDS champion Praniel, the TDS finalists, and season class winners! More than anything, thanks to all the people running the AutoX events, volunteers, and coaches. It really is a fun community to be around that has encouraged my interest in motorsports.


    And many thanks to all the [b]coaches[/b] for all their patience in explaining the details of every course and for unselfishly sharing numerous tips and tricks for going faster… and for putting up with our newbie tire-screeching understeer, jerky steering wheel action and instant on/off throttle mashing :-).

    I had an awesome time with awesome folks… great club! Thanks guys.

    Mark Mervich

    Yes, a great TDS and congrats to Praneil and thanks for letting me drive your car. A very good season, too.
    Still working on Pix.

    an nguyen

    yes thanks to Jeff and all volunteers, incl those who stayed to work for the final shootout as sun was going down! Any of them are more than welcome to getting a ridealong on autox’s i make it to.

    am course was fun and pm course was more technical and challenging. Also liked the slalom option and final loop direction choice. thanks Dave


    Timothy Woo

    Another great season!
    Thanks Jack for sharing your car! (I think I should be changing my username from ‘isfnfast’ to ‘e46faster’??)
    Also, congrats on winning the AAA class!

    Thanks Jeff and to all the peeps in the club, photographers (me looking real good in the e46!!), and congrats to all the winners!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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