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    Jeff Roberts

    [b]TDS 2012 is Saturday 11/3 at Marina![/b]

    Top Driver Shootout is about BMWs and Minis competing for the coveted Fechner Cup, but it’s also about celebrating the season end with a catered BBQ to thank you, our valued members, for making our autocross program as special as it is.

    The original eligibility rule requiring TDS participants to have attended 3 or more events in the season was put in place back when the program was selling out every event with long waitlists. We have not had that problem in the past two seasons and we have a short amount of time before the event, so this year I want to open it up from the start and give everyone who participated this year an opportunity to sign up.

    Because this event has a special format, we will limit the count to 60 drivers. No passengers or coaching will be permitted. Full disclosure of the rules and format will be sent to you in that e-mail.

    [b]TDS Eligibility [/b]
    You are eligible to attend the TDS event if you participated in at least one 2012 regular season event, even if you drove an X class car at that event. A Test-n-Tune is not a regular season event.

    You must drive a BMW or Mini to compete for the Fechner Cup Trophy. Non-BMWs are welcome to come and drive for fun.

    I will be sending an e-mail to all of you by the end of the week with details on the event and with a private link for you to register in MSR.

    [b]Eligibility List [/b]
    These are the folks who participated in at least one event in the 2012 season. If you are not on this list and you think you should be, please notify me and I’ll add you.

    adam landis
    AJ Dinger
    Al Kaehler
    Aleks Tan
    Aleksey Kadukin
    Alexander Karapetyan
    An Nguyen
    Andrew Muro
    Andrew Smith
    Anthony Woo
    Arash Keshmirian
    Ariel Alvarez
    Art Cervantes
    Art Kauffman
    Athena Brekke
    Baron Garger
    Bashar Aziz
    Ben Edelman
    Ben Hochman
    Bill Ferullo
    Bill Peck
    Bill Purta
    Bob Dooley
    Brad Hedstrom
    Brad Vaughan
    Brendan Crooks
    Brendan Pramono
    Brent Tokarchuk
    Brian Aftanas
    Brian Cheung
    Brian Marszowski
    Brian Shadle
    Brian Yielding
    Brock Parsons
    Cameron Silva
    Can Sar
    Charles Burke
    Charles Kaehler
    Charlie Davis
    Chris Goelkel
    Chris Peck
    Chris Webber
    Christian Doenier
    Christian Duvivier
    Chu Chiang
    Cliff Oates
    Colin Morrison
    Connie Hu
    craig boyle
    Craig Northcutt
    Dan Sartori
    Daniel Fortner
    Daniel McCormick
    Daniell Conway
    Daniella Crownover
    Dave Dunwoodie
    Dave Sparks
    David Batterbee
    Des Toups
    Diane Dorton
    Dietrich Schultz
    Don Louv
    Don Van Nortwick
    Donald Lew
    Douglas Shirachi
    Ed Won
    Eric Berger
    Eric Cheung
    Eric Lam
    Eric Pulido
    Eric Ries
    Eric Schuler
    Eric Yip
    Erica Seto
    Federico Spadini
    Frank Crow
    Frank Tsai
    Greg Copeland
    Greg Dachs
    Greg Zajic
    Hal Dorton
    Haley Knowlton
    Helmut Meisl
    Henry Loh
    Howard Yao
    Irvin Ching
    Ivailo Karamanolev
    Jack Yu
    James Keane
    Jane Ehni
    Jason Sams
    Jay Huang
    JD Smith
    Jeff Eikenberry
    Jeff McCormick
    Jeff Roberts
    Jennifer Aftanas
    Jerome Bragdon
    Jerry Shen
    Jim Duggan
    Jim Hildreth
    Joe Mercado
    Johann Koenig
    John Ehni
    John Kilcline
    John Rizzo
    John Zweber
    Jonas Laucys
    Jonathan Bernbaum
    Joseph Merritt
    Josh Edelman
    Justin Tsang
    Juven Lat
    Kanisha Bristow
    Karl Gumerlock
    Karlton Lew
    Ken Garcia
    Kevin Scarbery
    kkiani Kiani
    Kraig Klippel
    Kranthi Maddineni
    Kris Linquist
    Kyle Gambucci
    Kyle Locke
    Laszlo Rekasi
    Lee Northcutt
    Leon Han
    Linda Heibert
    Mack Tsang
    Marc Digiovanni
    Marianne Fenwick
    Mark Haberecht
    Mark Mervich
    Mark Young
    Martin Flewell
    Marvin Martin
    Matt Gribben
    Matt Rich
    Matthew Rich
    Matthew Visser
    Matyou Shahbaz
    Maxim Khutornenko
    Mel gee
    Memet Aytola
    Michael Costa
    Michael Hermanto
    Michael Jurewitz
    Michael Kolesar
    Michael Martin
    Michael Ottati
    Michalis Potamias
    Mihai Damian
    Mykola Poniatovskyi
    Nate Hinman
    Nate Shapiro
    Nathan Smith
    Neil Griffith
    Nick Gerstner
    Nick Li
    Omari Stephens
    Ovidiu Presdescu
    Pablo Carballedo
    Pablo Marx
    Pardis Khosravi
    Patrick Burke
    Paul Berton
    paul brancato
    Paul Nugent
    Paul Oeschger
    Paulacat Williamson
    Peter Geiler
    Peter Mahoney
    Philip Cho
    Philip Sy
    Praneil Prasad
    Raffi O
    Raman Lazary
    Ratko Jagodic
    Raymond Mah
    Reid Conti
    ricardo jamin
    Rob Nath
    Rob Powers
    Rodger Ball
    Ronan O’Mahony
    Ryan Rich
    Rylan Hazelton
    Sasha Mestetsky
    Scott Luke
    Scott Miller
    Shane Ly
    Shannon Long
    Shehan De Silva
    Simon Belotserkovsky
    Simon Stahl
    Som Sikdar
    Stamtios Venios
    Stavros Harizopoulos
    Stefano Canu
    Stefano Gaudio
    Stephen Kolesar
    Sterling McLane
    Steven Purta
    Steven Saunders
    Tae Kim
    Tammy Penhollow
    Ted Choper
    Ted Kaczmar
    Terrance Seto
    Thomas Daffern
    Tim Huang
    Tim Uptegrove
    Tim Woo
    Tom Flanagan
    Tom O’Neill
    Tony Holland
    Tony Lin
    Tony Wong
    Tristan Littlehale
    Tristan Littlehale
    Tyler Parsons
    utku yilmaz
    Vibhav Sreekanti
    Vinay Krishnan
    Viranjit Madan
    Vish Kannan
    Will Hinman
    Will Lin
    Wing Chow Lau
    YC cheng

    Mark Mervich

    45 people already signed up. :ohmy:

    Jeff Roberts

    Now 55! Only 5 spots left… get in while you can people!

    Michael Costa

    WHEW! Only one spot left! I signed up for spot 59!

    I am glad to be back after missing the last three AutoX’s.

    Jeff Roberts


    If you didn’t get in, please register anyway and get on the waitlist. There may be cancellations by Friday 11/2. I will move people from the waitlist in the order you signed up.

    I’ll be in touch later in the week with more details.

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