silly question, how to adjust camber plate

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    ricardo jamin

    I just have a camber plate installed on my car. The first time I ever have a camber plate, so probably this is a silly noob question.
    I tried to adjust it to max for the tnt. I jacked up the side of the car I want to work on until the wheel can spin freely. I then loosen up the three bolt on the plate/strut mount. However I can’t seem to move the strut to adjust the camber. I tried pushing the top of the tire and pushing the spring, I can’t make it budge at all.
    Is there any steps or trick that I’m missing?

    Well now I after I take a break and get a chance to think about it. Maybe the wheel/tire weighted down the strut.
    Do I need to do it with the wheel off?
    Or maybe I shouldn’t jacked it up to so high so most the weight of the wheel still on the ground?


    Cliff Oates

    It should move pretty freely. You might want to spray some penetrating oil on the plate to help things slide around. I usually have to do that for the first event of each season. FWIW I normally use some spray teflon-based dry lube from Finish Line that I use on my bicycles to lube brake and derailleur cables.

    Jeff Roberts

    Richardo… I find it easier when I take some weight off the corner with my floor jack. Make an adjustment, lower it down, bounce the corner with your body weight to settle it, measure again.

    Be sure you read up on alignment settings so you understand how camber changes affect toe. The figure-8 at TnT will be really helpful for you to explore these adjustments.

    Word of warning too… be careful not to over tighten the nuts that hold the strut assemblies in place.

    ricardo jamin

    @Cliff. Thanks for the tips. I suppose some lube should help. although it was only installed 2 weeks ago, so I don’t think it would seize yet.

    @Jeff. Thanks for the tips. I hear ya about not overtighten the nuts. It was written all over the plate and packaging to tighten to 18 ft/lb. I have medium size torque wrench to tighten it.

    Jeff so you’re saying to jack it up, loosen the plate nut, drop the car back to the ground, bounce it, jack it up again, then slide the plate?


    ricardo jamin

    OK finally got it to slide.

    I took off the wheel on the driver side and jack up both left and right of the car at the same time. the mechanic who installed the plate for me said it might be the sway bar exerting some pressure if I only jack it up one side.
    for the passenger side I tried with the wheel still on and was able to slide it rather easily.


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