September 14th Pics & Video

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    Eric Ries

    The first video is my first attempt at doing PiP w/ Harry’s Lap Timer. I struggled with getting it to work correctly, but I imagine that it’s mostly user error. The second video is my fast run of the day. It’s only the Harry’s video b/c my GoPro decided it didn’t want to record anything after my first couple runs.


    Hal Dorton

    MServiceGarage’s video from Hal and Diane


    Paul Berton

    Group A, my best run 42.280s. New camera, need to do something about the mic, sounds like I have super charger.


    Jeff, thanks for the Advil, shoulder feels better.

    Dave Dunwoodie

    Nice lines, Paul!

    I’ve given up on Harry’s LapTimer. It works very well for the track, but very frustrating for AX.

    Here’s my 6th lap, 40.050 seconds.

    Rob Powers

    I agree with Dave–your lines through there are great. Nice Job!


    Paul Berton

    Thanks Dave, Rob for the accolades. Now I see the video, I see where I could have edge out a few more 100ths, maybe a 10th on the accelerator a little earlier a few places on those same lines. It did take me all 7 runs to get it.
    Though, not sure my shoulder could have made an 8th run..

    mack Tsang

    Took a bunch of cones out at the end… 😛

    Clean run…

    John Kim

    The best run I have on camera, 46.00x seconds. Best run was almost 1.3 seconds faster (44.7xx).

    And my worst run, fun run #3 with less grippy rear tires and trying to drift some corners with very limited success. Took out bunch of cones after first left hand and at least one more in the slalom.

    Chris Fountain

    My fastest run @ 44.953 + 1. I hit the last cone in the slalom (You can hear my reaction in the video.) I would have had two good runs (for me) at the end if I didn’t hit 1 cone in each run. I used Harry’s lap timer also. Not highly impressed its in Autocross mode. The clock start trigger isn’t consistent and the GPS seems to get lost about every 5th run, but does the job well enough for video, speed, G/acceleration loading to learn from. The course was fun and fast. Thanks Jack for the coaching. I always seem to shave at least a couple seconds off using your feedback.


    Michael Kolesar

    AA 43.308
    [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]UJH-vWjPWis[/video]

    Karlton Lew


    Mark Mervich

    Photos run group 2
    And my fastest run , 38.6

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