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    Brian Shadle


    Though it’s late in the season, I wanted to make a recommendation to keep your eyes out on for autox events next season.

    This last weekend I went to their “autox” at Sears Point. To be clear, it’s more of a test and tune that an autox. There was no timing. No announcers. There was only a course and a very small set of drivers (roughly 30). So it’s unfair to really call it an AutoX. It was just a massive amount of practice, to the tune of 4 hours with a lap every 3-5 minutes.

    Their format also allowed focusing on certain skills.

    The course was broken into 2 parts. A small, tight part (cloverleaf design), which probably took 20 seconds to clear, then a higher speed skidpad type back half of the course. In the morning, you’d only run half the course at a time to focus on one style of driving, then in the afternoon the track was connected so you’d have to focus on both and deal with a high speed connection between the sections. They were strict about the schedule, so you got equal practice on both sections and maximized time on course rather than having long transitions.

    So, my 2 cents:
    1. Keep trackmasters in your bookmarks and look for autox events
    2. Sign up if you want seat time or are tweaking things for your car

    You may feel like you’re missing a track day… until you see all of the guys doing the track day watching you, because you’re on course and they’re not!

    Jeff Roberts

    Any course maps to share with us? How long was the “course?” I read about this event at baautox over the weekend.

    Brian Shadle

    Most of the first half:

    Second half:

    Overall, it was a short course, but hit the major elements. With the 40+ runs on it, the ~40 second length felt about right.

    The slow speed section was all done in 1st gear and was VERY slow / lots of input into the last part of the cloverleaf. The transition section between the courses is missing between the two courses in the photos above, but it ran at probably 30mph through some deceiving corners (was intended to make you think there were curves, but you could take it straight). In the entry to the second half, I was maxing out at 60mph, hitting a bump in the course, then braking when the car settled to get into the slalom.

    Though the course was basic and relatively short compared to the ones we’ve set up (Candlestick), it still let you focus on tight elements and skidpad elements and get a lot of practice in. If you wanted to come out and play around with your suspension between session or tire pressures, that was encouraged as well.

    The only thing missing was a timing system to get a true readout if your changes made you faster vs what you think made you faster.

    Dave Dunwoodie

    I wasn’t there, but instructed at one earlier this year. Lots of fun!



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