Preview of 2013 Autocross T-Shirt !!!

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    Jack Yu

    Yes, three exclamation points in the title, I’m that excited.

    I hope you guys like it because it took me a very very long time to draw this up. These are actual autocross participants cars, though I couldn’t use Hal’s green color, that is his/Diane’s car 🙂

    It will be printed on heather grey American Apparel as pictured on the model.

    Please LET me know in this thread if you want me to reserve a size for you, as I can place a more accurate order if you tell me what sizes you want ahead of time.

    $15 as usual. I only order a few 2XL and 3XL and Smalls, so let me know.


    (Updated 5/11/2013)


    White option (I may just print a bunch of both):


    Rob Powers

    Nice design.. I like the helmet sticking up above the windshield of the 135i vert 🙂

    Sign me up for 1 XL


    Dave Dunwoodie

    Very nicely done! 1 XL please.

    Jeff Roberts

    Best… one… yet!

    1 XL please.

    Brian Cheung

    where’s my white e36 m3!!!?

    Can you make this on a white t-shirt?

    Jack Yu

    I could print up some white ones, as an additional color. This design would look good on white too.

    Don Louv

    +1 Large

    …because my car is in the lead. (no, not my ActiveE… that’s still on the other side of the hill… recharging…)


    Nice work! that E92 looks like mine 🙂
    Sign me up for MEDIUM !

    Brendan Pramono

    Ooh. New shirts. I’m not sure whether I’d choose the medium or a large, but currently I’m leaning more towards medium.

    Great design this year! -Thumbs up-

    Are there any other colors that these shirts come in?

    -Edit- If it only comes in white and grey, then I’ll most likely choose a medium grey then.

    Jack Yu

    Personally, I prefer grey. But I’m thinking some white would be good too.


    Brian Cheung

    one S in white please!


    Eric Cheung

    Nice drawing!!

    I’ll have 2S in white, 2S in grey, 2M in white, 2M in grey, 1XL in white, and 1XL in grey.

    Eric Cheung

    Tim Uptegrove

    I”ll take 1 XL in Grey and 1 XL in White. When are you bringing the shirts? I’m going to miss the May event but plan on being at all the others.
    Tim U.

    Matthew Visser

    awesome! I love my car (and helmet). :cheer:

    The ///M color scheme works very well on grey and white. I will take one of each color (in your longest size of course).

    ricardo jamin

    1 medium on grey.

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