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    Barry Twycross

    MINIs come with 3 different suspension options. The standard suspension. The factory sport suspension, and the dealer installed JCW Sport suspension. (JCW being the MINI equivalent of the M division.)

    Our MINIs currently have the factory sport suspension, so when I’ve used the classifier, I’ve chosen the “BMW Sport” options. I’ve also imagined if we did install the JCW suspension, I’d choose the “BMW M” option. It’d be nice to get official word that these are the right selections. (And maybe even note this in the classifier.)

    This has seemed reasonable, if I classify a JCW MINI (like our other MINI), it populates the “BMW M” options by default.

    Only, that isn’t correct, as the JCW comes with the standard suspension by default. You have to opt for the sport suspension (like we did), or get the JCW suspension dealer installed.

    Next, if you did install the JCW suspension on your MINI, what should you chose for sway bars. The JCW suspension kit is Springs, Shocks and front and rear sway bars. The obvious thing to do is choose “BMW M” springs, “BMW M” shocks, then its not obvious if you have to choose Sway bar modification, front and rear or not. Are the JCW bars included in the suspension selections, or a modification?

    The common setup for MINIs build to SCCA rules is JCW springs, JCW front bar, after market shocks, and after market rear sway bar. That would be either 39 or 41 points depending on the front bar selection. So this actually make a significant difference, whether the car is C or B class.

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