Magnetic numbers

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    Jeff Cowan

    Anyone have a good source? I’ve been ordering from but latest set didn’t have much magnetism in them and I’ve had to tape them to the car. Boo.

    Hal Dorton

    These guys take care of SCCA

    Jeff Roberts

    That’s where I bought mine.

    Barry Twycross

    I got ours from [url=]iZoom[/url] graphics, they do a nice modular panel set.

    David Devlin

    I got mine from … very pleased … a lot of variety and they stay on my car.
    Dave Devlin iIII I go

    Paul Berton

    Got mine at Soloperformance as well.

    Brian Cheung

    Joe Mercado also sells some

    Rodger Ball

    I’ve had no issue with mine from eDecals.

    Had them for several years now and still hanging on.

    Henry Loh

    I got mine here:

    REALLY good customer service. The representative and I exchanged multiple emails discussing color combinations and patterns. My only mistake was I bought one too big so I have to flap it over the side bumper strip. The magnet held on even with that bit of flap/gap from the bumper strip (although my car is slower than most).

    When pictures get posted, it’s car #413 (white e30 318is).


    Barry Twycross

    We got a nice pretty meatball from Fireball graphics (with a checked border), that’s what we use for track events, Its stayed on at speeds of up to 113mph so far. Once we started SCCA autocross we found it wasn’t compliant (not big enough or thick enough stroke.)


    great thread. i’ve been wanting these for a while, now i know where to go

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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