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    Hal Dorton

    There is a company that travels the country putting on very special events. They’re coming back to Candlestick in March and need additional instructors. This is a paid gig where you ride as a driver coach to get the paying customers through the simple autocross style course, work grid, course cleanup and drive these incredible cars as instructors with a paying customer in the passenger seat. The Scuderia was my favorite. It was so much fun last year I am doing it again. Contact me if you have any questions but you need to contact Perry and give him your information to get on the list of instructors. Here’s the video from last year to get an idea of what is expected of you:



    I’m writing to offer a unique opportunity to spend a weekend with a half-dozen exotic cars, mainly Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

    My name is Perry Aidelbaum, owner of, head of the Northern New Jersey SCCA Solo program (host of the NJ Pro in 2011 and Northeast Divisionals in 2012). I’m working with Imagine Lifestyles ( to put on the best supercar experience possible, utilizing a fast, flowing autocross-style course which I design.

    We’re going to be in your area at (Candlestick Park ) on (March 14-17 and March 21-24), and we’re in need of qualified instructors to help run the event. We also except non-driving instructors for other positions $75 per day.

    As an instructor, you will be expected to do a very basic autocross instruction – following three main rules:

    1. Safety First – make sure the customer doesn’t hurt themselves, other customers, or the cars.

    2. Have Fun – ensure that the customer is comfortable and enjoys their time with Imagine Lifestyles and with the cars, and feels that they got a good value for their dollar.

    3. Teach a Little – basic safety/hand and seat position, basics of getting around the course by looking ahead, positive reinforcement, and maybe some car dynamics talk. Most importantly they cannot go wide open throttle until the wheel is straight.

    Some of the non-instruction duties include helping customers in and out of the cars, talking to them before they get into the cars, and keeping the course moving (grid, pit in, cones) – though working the course is far less strenuous than a local event, as we use bikes to get around quicker.

    Here’s a video of a typical in-car experience, and what you can expect from our courses and what we hope you can do while instructing: You don’t have to be as detailed this instructor, but we love seeing hand signals.

    Imagine Lifestyles is a very professional organization designed around giving the customer the ultimate in their high-end experience. Safety is of the utmost importance, and you will not encounter any of the hijinks that have gotten other exotic car companies in the news.

    Instructors are paid $150 per day, with lunch, drinks and company shirt and hat supplied by Imagine Lifestyles. Additionally, there is an opportunity to drive the cars as customers can pay for passenger rides. The guys at Imagine Lifestyles understand that the primary reason you may be interested in coming out for the event is the opportunity to drive, so they have made some changes to encourage more passenger rides. We will work to get as many as possible within the confines of the event.

    The current fleet of cars is:

    Lamborghini LP560-4 Convertible

    Lamborghini LP560-4 Convertible

    Lamborghini LP550-2 Bicolore Coupe

    Ferrari 599 GTB

    Ferrari 430 Coupe

    Ferrari 430 Convertible

    Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    If you are not local, you will have to provide your own accommodations.

    If you are interested, please email me directly at, with the subject “San Fran Instructors” (as I recruit for many locations), and let me know your availability and qualifications/experience.

    We’ve hosted events in Boston, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Chicago, and Washington D.C. already with a lot of success and everyone had a lot of fun. Come on out for the chance to spend some quality time with the types of cars you had on your wall as a kid.

    Read over our instructor guide –

    Jack Yu

    Hell yeah! Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Rob Powers

    For sure.. Looks like you were having a great time in that video, Hal.

    Hal Dorton

    Who has signed up?

    Brock Parsons

    I did.


    Dave Dunwoodie

    I’m in for 4 days.

    an nguyen

    nice hal, didn’t know a news crew came last yr; guess it was on a rainy day before i worked. I hope for sun again

    warning to instructors: last yr at least 1 instructor got really car sick

    Timothy Woo

    Wow this sounds FUN!
    Gonna sign up. Has anyone signed up yet? If so, which dates?

    Hal Dorton

    The Lambo 550-2 was a beast. The throttle inputs were very sensative and when the novice would plant the right foot they got scared and lifted. Repeat until instructor becomes ill.

    I’ll be there all days except the 17th.

    Timothy Woo

    [quote=”Hal” post=1039]The Lambo 550-2 was a beast. The throttle inputs were very sensative and when the novice would plant the right foot they got scared and lifted. Repeat until instructor becomes ill.

    I’ll be there all days except the 17th.[/quote]

    Cool, thanks for thorwing this out. I’m in for Thu and Fri for both weeks. Seeya there!

    Rob Powers

    I’m in for the 14-17th.

    Any suggestions for motion sickness prevention? I see that some hdpe driving instructors use Bonine…

    Jack Yu

    I signed up for Sat / Sun both weekends…but I’m scared now that might be too much? I’m not a get-up-early-drive-an-hour-type person.

    Ryan Rich

    I’m signed up for both weekends. Anyone want to commute up from the south bay?


    Matthew Rich

    Keep in mind that you will be in the car for an hour and a half at a time. Going round and round. If you have any issues with motion sickness I would not attend this event. We had at least two people get sick. It is a long day from 7:00am or earlier until dark. If you have any question let me know.


    Eric Ries

    Re: motion sickness
    take some ginger supplements, it sounds weird, but works.

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